NEW YORK ( MainStreet) — Honeymoon registries have become big business lately--with 12% of the 2 million American couples who marry each year now opting for friends and family to fund their post-wedding sojourn. For unfamiliar readers, a honeymoon registry is exactly what it sounds like: a wedding registry, but one where the happy couple signs up for fancy dinners and scuba lessons instead of china they'll never use. People donate the value of a night out or bottle of wine, or contribute towards big ticket items like airfare, and the bride and groom receive the money in one honeymoon fund.

The average honeymoon costs a couple some $4,500 , so you can't blame the newlyweds for wanting to get by with a little help from their friends.

This idea could only work in the Internet Age and it solves a modern problem. What's more, as people get married later in life we need fewer and fewer things from friends and family. Wedding gifts traditionally help the bride and groom set up a new household, but these days many couples already have a household. As I actively plan my own wedding, I know I don't need another set of plates; the ones I have work just fine.

On the other hand, I've never been scuba diving though, and these six websites might just help me get there.

Of course, not all sites are created equal. Some take larger cuts of the money pool, while some have a more inviting user interface than others.

Registry: Honeymoon Pixie
Price: 7%

Most wedding registries charge by taking a percent of the gift, often added on top of the bill. In other words, people pay for their present plus the surcharge. The upshot is that guests will have to either give a little less or decide that it's equivalent to paying for shipping.

Honeymoon Pixie's 7% surcharge is right around the middle of the pack, so this site isn't too expensive for would-be honeymooners out there. It also allows couples to decide whether that 7% should be added onto the guest's bill or come out of their gift. This is a nice touch and unusual for honeymoon registries which don't usually allow the option.

Honeymoon Pixie is streamlined and straightforward, letting couples post photos, tell a bit about themselves then get down to business by laying out their registry in an easy to understand list. It's a good option for anyone looking for something relatively low-frills.

Registry: Traveler's Joy
Price: 7.5%

I like this website's motto, "Skip the blender." (Although to family and friends reading this, my fiancée and I do, actually, need a blender.)

Travelers's Joy is, unsurprisingly, a service that focuses on travel. It organizes registries by destination, starting with Around the World and moving on from there. The Google Maps integration is a fun touch that allows people to show their plans on each registry, and the site's Destination Guides are a great resource for people still looking for ideas.