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Peeved at Amazon, Target Yanks Kindle

By Rob Quinn, Newser Staff

In a sign of rising tension between online stores and their bricks-and-mortar counterparts, Target says it is going to stop selling Amazon's Kindle products.

The company, one of the biggest offline sellers of Amazon's e-readers and tablets, has become fed up with shoppers using its stores as a showroom for Amazon, checking out products there before buying them online, reports the New York Times. Amazon encourages the practice and ran a promotion last year offering shoppers 5% off any item scanned at a store.

In light of such "showrooming," Target selling Amazon products is "like Starbucks selling Dunkin' Donuts gift certificates," a retail analyst says. Target, which plans to keep selling other companies' e-readers and tablets -- as well as beef up its Apple displays--was the first offline retailer to carry Kindles.

But while having the product available for consumers to see in person gave the e-reader a boost in its early days, analysts say Target's move will probably be just a "mild annoyance" for Amazon unless other retailers follow suit.

--Written by Rob Quinn of Newser