NEW YORK ( MainStreet) — On March 5, 2014, AARP, the widely-known nongovernmental organization, announced the launch of "Rewards for Good," its brand-new loyalty program that is sure to pique the interests of many.

Rewards for Good is quite unlike anything else in its league. Designed to reward users of for utilizing the tools available on the site, one of the most attractive qualities about this loyalty program is that it does not require its members to make any monetary purchases in order to gain rewards.

The premise behind Rewards for Good is to provide a simple, accessible way for people to learn information that is pertinent to living a healthy life, and then place a fun spin on it.

"Rewards for Good offers a wide variety of tools in categories like Saving and Managing Your Money, Improving Your Community, Managing Your Health and Healthcare, Finding and Enjoying Your Work, and more," said Sami Hassanyeh, the chief digital officer for AARP. "There is a Credit Card Payoff Calculator, a Money Savings Skills Quiz and a Debt Challenge, just to name a few."

By taking general well-being quizzes and calculating ways to pay off debt, members are retaining the information that AARP strives to pass on, as well as gaining rewards in turn for their efforts.

It's interesting to note that, although AARP members do get rewarded with 50% more points than non-members, those that are not yet of the age required to become an AARP member can still participate. The Rewards for Good program is open to anyone over the age of 18.

"While a common misperception of AARP is that it is only for those middle-aged and moving closer to retirement, AARP has expanded its reach into the areas of health and financial security," Hassanyeh said. "The Rewards for Good program is all about rewarding those users who actively engage with AARP's social mission and those who become better informed about life's possibilities after 50."

AARP's mission is clear in that there is no reason to wait until retirement age to start learning more about ways to improve the state of one's well-being.

Users that are new to can start racking up their Rewards for Good points as soon as the initial website registration steps are completed. Depending on the tool being utilized, rewards points can range from approximately 200 to 500 points each. The time required per tool varies as well, depending on the type of tool and the amount of time each user personally spends with it.

Generally, the tools can take around 20 minutes, give or take, to complete. Even if only one hour per day is spent on the site, the points still have potential to start adding up rather quickly.