NEW YORK ( TheStreet) --Marijuana can cost as much as $500 an ounce, but the bargain hunting cannabis consumer can find a deal if they search. Once upon time, a pothead could buy a "dime" bag, which got the name because an ounce was $10. Of course this was back in the seventies and the price has gone up considerably since those days and a dime bag now refers to ten dollars of product. Marijuana is no longer a back alley deal in some states like Colorado - it's gone main stream. The prices are publicized and the market is transparent. This transparency has created good old fashioned competition for smokers' dollars and with that comes coupons. Who doesn't love a discount? These websites offer deals that even a dealer couldn't offer and borrow heavily from successful retail sites like Groupon and Yelp .

Canna-saver is all about the deals and saving. Coupons are featured right on the home page with featured coupons on one side and then deals by store on the other. One coupon offers a free joint just for checking out the store. Starbucks doesn't even offer that. Some deals have an expiration time, so customers will want to check back for the latest. This site gets the seal of approval from classic cannabis comic Tommy Chong of Cheech & Chong fame. If his cartoon image doesn't sway you, then you aren't a real smoker.

Sticky Guide is a cannabis rating and review site. It can be used in California, Colorado and Washington. The site lists various dispensaries and rates different strains of marijuana. It also features a coupon menu by zip code and neighborhood. The deals range from a free gift to new members to discounts on the first order. The deals are targeted to new customers with the hopes that they will stick to that location. There were even Valentine's specials on edible candies. A new patient could probably shop around and get first timer discounts at the various dispensaries until they finally decide on their favorite location.

This discount marijuana site plays on the Groupon model with the top banner saying Growpon, but the address is cannabis coupon codes . It claims to be the leading seedbank and headshop discount site. They want to save customers cash on their stash. This site does have a seed specialty that the others don't seem to have. There are deals on drying cabinets, grow lights and various hydroponic accessories. They also separate the cheap seeds (13 euro for five seeds) to the premium like White Widow that goes for 47 euro for five seeds. The site also shows which deals are the most viewed.

Wikileaf is the cleanest of the sites as far as page layout is concerned. The customer gives the location they are interested in and a map pops up with the stores highlighted with a pot leaf. The customer says how much they want to spend and how far they will travel to see the offers. For example, if you choose Seattle and want to spend $120, a list of stores is displayed with one store willing to sell 28 grams for that price, while another is only offering 17 grams. It doesn't say what strain you get for the price. It is geared towards the medicinal patient and gives a nice review of the strains. You can definitely shop prices, but it isn't a traditional coupon approach.