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Hasbro Is Letting You Vote for the Next Monopoly Pieces

As someone with the mindset of an 80-year-old man, I tend to have strong feelings when a company decides to make changes to a beloved product, particularly a board game. Looking at you, The Game of Life -- Electronic Banking. If it's not broken, why fix it? 

But when it comes to Monopoly, I might be more willing to accept some changes. After all, I can't name one child who knows what a thimble is. I barely know what a thimble is. 

Seeking to appease Millennials and the next generation of players, Hasbro is letting its players vote for the next generation of pieces until January 31. Options range from classic tokens like Scottie the terrier,  the car and yes, the stupid thimble, to 50 new creations including a hashtag, a computer and emojis.

It isn't the first time, Monopoly axed an archaic game piece. In 2013, players voted to replace the iron with a cat, because domesticity is dead. 

Apparently, the Twitterati is a lot like me, because they simply aren't having it: 

The dog is the best Monopoly piece, because you can stand him on his nose as well as his feet. EVERYBODY KNOWS THAT!

— Read it Daddy (@Readitdaddy) January 10, 2017

I thought 2016 was bad but monopoly are doing a public vote to replace their monopoly pieces with things such as a hash tag?? We r fucked ��

— Hollie (@holliepatchett) January 11, 2017

Please Monopoly don't you dare get rid of little scotty dog!
My suggestion for a new token is Donald Trumps Hair!

— Stacy@DisneyOnWheels (@stazielyssa) January 11, 2017

Monopoly for Millennials: paying rent and hope to be lucky

— Cyrus Fazel (@Cyrus_Fazel) January 11, 2017
Seasoned players of Monopoly know the real aim is to get defeated as quickly as possible to escape the table.

— Shower Thoughts (@ShowersIdeas) January 10, 2017

Whether as a medium for change or to save your favorite classic token, give in to the Token Madness, and get online and vote.  Only eight pieces will make it into the game rooms of the next generation when the results are revealed on March 19, World Monopoly Day. May free parking be ever in your favor.