NEW YORK ( MainStreet) — While shopping for Presidents Day used to focus on the traditional white sales, shoppers now can find aggressive discounts for nearly all products.

With more and more shoppers gravitating toward shopping online, the significance of shopping in stores for holidays such as Presidents Day has diminished.

"The Internet has clearly transformed shopping into a 24/7, year-round experience, which in some ways has diluted the importance of typical in-store shopping holidays such as Presidents Day, Valentine's Day, Memorial Day and Labor Day," said Deepak Agarwal, CEO of, a New York-based shopping website.

Only 10% of consumers say they shop on Presidents Day, marking it the least popular shopping holiday, according to a survey conducted by Austin, Texas digital coupon company RetailMeNot along with the Omnibus Company. Black Friday is the most popular shopping day with 36% of consumers participating, followed by 32% shopping on Cyber Monday.

Shoppers can take advantage of the deep discounts for winter apparel and jewelry, said RetailMeNot Senior Editor Trae Bodge. Since new models come out in March, many TVs will also be on sale. White sales of linens and other household items are more prevalent in January, she said.

"There are good deals available," she said. "Consumers always want to save and with any long weekend, you will have a slight uptick in shopping."

Before shoppers hit the stores, they should be aware of the prices and discounts available and can easily check them by using price comparison tools like and or by using which has an app that scans bar codes, Bodge said.

"This is a good way to get a sense of how much to spend," she said. "Consumers can easily save $20 per transaction by using and those two tools. It just takes one minute and is worth your while. It should just become the way you shop."

Although retail websites now provide deals all year long, there is still an impulse by many buyers to scan their favorite retailers for special mark-downs around the traditional holidays to make sure they don't miss out on any special offers at either brick and mortar stores or online, said Agarwal.

Consumers still expect to find good deals for sheets and towels around Presidents Day, he said.

"The mainstay sales for sheets, comforters, pillows and towels still remain extremely popular over Presidents Day weekend and probably always will," Agarwal said. "For example, we will offer bed sheets that normally sell for $199 retail for only $20. This has been the common trend during the previous era of newspaper pull-out advertisements."

Retailers have broadened their scope to include sales on apparel, electronics, home goods, and kitchen and bath products, he said. The advent and popularity of social media has created another fundamental change in the behavior of shoppers, said Kishor Gummaraju, Infosys vice president of retail, CPG and logistics, a Plano, Texas IT consulting company. Shoppers now interact more with Facebook than they do with a retailer's website, he said. A recent study by Infosys showed that 89% of shoppers who engage with retailers via social media channels say those interactions have an impact on their purchasing choices with 73% of men saying they are more influenced by this interaction than 62% of women.