NEW YORK ( MainStreet) — No plans for New Year's Eve? Fretting about the first of the month more than a partying on the 31? Hitting rock bottom and contemplating shelling out $375 to attend the Applebee's party in Times Square ? If so, turn the last day of the year into an opportunity to make some money on the side by trying one of these ten tips to ring in 2014.


Act as a bartender at a private house party and work for a set rate per hour, plus tips. Ensure a minimum rate per hour that includes tip money, so a cheap crowd doesn't leave you out in the cold!


Servers are in high demand on New Year's Eve. Capitalize on this and make anywhere between $10 and $20 per hour. Many restaurants and bars place ads looking for extra help on that night, as do private parties.


Remember how fun New Year's Eve was as a kid? Go back in time and host a New Year's Eve babysitting party for the children of co-workers and relatives. This allows your peers to go enjoy the night, while you play babysitter to a handful of children. Buy sparkling cider and decorations at the dollar store, and charge an additional amount to parents who want to leave their children overnight. This is a very lucrative option; babysitting five children can easily allow you to gross over $300.

Dollars for Designated Driver

Being a designated driver is the most valuable responsibility you can have on New Year's Eve, so gather up a group of friends and take the role of designated driver. Earn some cash while you could be saving lives...

Morning After Taxi

with New Year's day falling on a weekday, there might be errands that you need to run on the first morning of the new year. If so, be strategic and offer rides for cash to any of your friends who may not have been able to make it home. As the "morning after cab," you will welcome gracious guests with open wallets and quiet mouths, not a bad combination...

Busboy/Bar back

Only have a little experience in the service industry, but still want to make some cash? Spend a night as a busboy or bar back at a local restaurant or bar. Search online for the do's and don'ts of the job before accepting a position.

Live Event Staffing

If your city has a New Year's Eve block party, or even an event at a community center, the chances are there will be need staffing. Inquire at the location or check with local temporary staffing firms in your city.


Want to make money related to New Year's Eve without having to stay up late? Then get up early and go to the most popular public places and recycle all of the left over aluminum, glass and plastic from the night before. Get up around 5 a.m. and have a strategic plan of action to visit the most popular places on each side of town. Don't want to miss the college football games? Bring a radio to listen to the games while you make extra money. Visit seven or eight parks in a day and you can easily walk away with over $200.