NEW YORK ( MainStreet) — Traveling during the holidays can present many challenges, but finding creative ways to get to your destination can bolster the enjoyment in the experience.

Surviving the many hours you will spend on the road can also be done easily with many apps and other options.

If you have spare time and want to avoid the airports or driving, taking Greyhound can be one option that will help you save money. Some of the company's fares are only $1 year-round with some holiday blackout dates. Traveling on off-peak days will ensure the cheapest rates, said Myron Watkins, vice president of customer experience at Greyhound.

"Now would be a great time for customers to begin making their Christmas travel plans and purchasing their tickets in order to take advantage of advance ticket pricing," he said.

Traveling by bus gives people the opportunity to take advantage of the time to read, surf the Web or play games. Greyhound has an app called BLUE which gives customers access to movies, shows and music in some parts of the country. Most of their buses also offer free Wi-Fi and most importantly, have power outlets for electrical devices.

If you are visiting family and do not want the expense of paying for hotels, Kampgrounds of America has heated deluxe cabins that give travelers a comfy option. All of the company's 500 campgrounds offer on-site Wi-Fi, and you can search for the closest campground near you by using the company's app for iOS and Android. Most locations feature options such as pools or rock climbing and all of them offer running water and a general store.

If one of your biggest fears when you are traveling is leaving your smartphone or purse behind in a cab or restaurant, GCL Solutions Group offers nio, a wireless accessory system that virtually chains your mobile device to a nio tag to prevent it from disappearing. The lightweight nio connects wirelessly via the company's app and can be attached to the item you carry most often. If you become separated from your device, both the nio and your device will alarm or vibrate to alert you. After all, it's the modern day compass, and losing it could put a major damper on your travel plans.

"According to a recent report, 100 smartphones are lost or stolen every 60 seconds in the U.S. alone," said Trisha Welch, CEO of GCL Solutions Group. "With nio, it's not just about losing your device, it's about the threat of losing important personal information or it falling in to the wrong hands."

Being on the road means you might be spending more time in airports or train stations. Opera Software's app, Opera Mini, helps consumers out especially when they are in low coverage areas. The app acts like a web browser for your phone that compresses websites by up to 90%, reducing lag time and saving money on data. This is a good option for people who have limited data plans and allows them to browse the Internet faster for longer periods of time without additional costs.