Daily Freeman : National Top Stories http://business-news.thestreet.com/daily-freeman en urn:article:13683476 How Social Media Outreach Is a Key Component in Presidential Campaigns http://business-news.thestreet.com/daily-freeman/story/how-social-media-outreach-is-a-key-component-in-presidential-campaigns/13683476 Editors' pick: Originally published August 26. The role of online media has not surprisingly played a huge role in the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign, and… Sat, 27 Aug 2016 13:00:00 EDT urn:article:13687015 Would No Tax Lawyer Advise Trump Release His Tax Returns? It's Complicated http://business-news.thestreet.com/daily-freeman/story/would-no-tax-lawyer-advise-trump-release-his-tax-returns-its-complicated/13687015 Donald Trump's camp says there's no way, no how he will release his tax returns while under audit. Tax lawyers say such a decision may… Sat, 27 Aug 2016 07:47:00 EDT urn:article:13687009 Can Dollar General Retaliate Against Wal-Mart Stores? http://business-news.thestreet.com/daily-freeman/story/can-dollar-general-retaliate-against-wal-mart-stores/13687009 Thursday's biggest stock market surprise came courtesy of Dollar General and its unexpected earnings miss. Investors watched as stock in the dollar store,… Fri, 26 Aug 2016 16:30:00 EDT urn:article:13687033 Stocks Pare Losses; Fed Officials Hint at September Hike http://business-news.thestreet.com/daily-freeman/story/stocks-pare-losses-fed-officials-hint-at-september-hike/13687033 The Federal Reserve's second rate hike since the 2008 recession could come as soon as next month. Stocks closed mixed on Friday, paring earlier losses, after… Fri, 26 Aug 2016 16:02:00 EDT urn:article:13686874 Mylan, Trump and Tons of Huge Corporations Have Donated to the Clinton Foundation http://business-news.thestreet.com/daily-freeman/story/mylan-trump-and-tons-of-huge-corporations-have-donated-to-the-clinton-foundation/13686874 Think you've got no ties to the Clinton Foundation? Think again. Chances are, you're invested in or a customer of a number of corporations that… Fri, 26 Aug 2016 13:30:00 EDT urn:article:13686340 The Credit Card Chase Wants the 'New Affluent' to Leave Home With http://business-news.thestreet.com/daily-freeman/story/the-credit-card-chase-wants-the-new-affluent-to-leave-home-with/13686340 The yuppies who came to epitomize upward mobility in the 1980s defined success with possessions, from Rolex watches to BMW convertibles and Sony CD players.… Fri, 26 Aug 2016 12:45:00 EDT urn:article:13686407 22 Embarrassing Photos From Kmart's New York City Stores Explain Sears Financial Tailspin http://business-news.thestreet.com/daily-freeman/story/22-embarrassing-photos-from-kmarts-new-york-city-stores-explain-sears-financial-tailspin/13686 Updates to include tweet from Kathy Ireland The current financial state of Sears Holding Corp. -- caused in large part by years of under-investment in… Fri, 26 Aug 2016 12:42:00 EDT urn:article:13686690 Yellen Says Case for Rate Hikes Is Growing Stronger http://business-news.thestreet.com/daily-freeman/story/yellen-says-case-for-rate-hikes-is-growing-stronger/13686690 This article, originally published at 10:32 a.m., has been updated with comments from economists and market data. Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen is steering markets… Fri, 26 Aug 2016 11:37:00 EDT urn:article:13686375 Wall Street Cash Infusion Fuels Frenzy of Oil-Drilling M&A http://business-news.thestreet.com/daily-freeman/story/wall-street-cash-infusion-fuels-frenzy-of-oil-drilling-mampa/13686375 All of a sudden, the oil industry is hot. And Wall Street's money is fueling the fire. Investors are snapping up stock offerings from once-beleaguered… Fri, 26 Aug 2016 10:13:00 EDT urn:article:13686579 JPMorgan Chase Chief Economist -- Yellen Needs to Be 'Flexible' About Rate Hike Timing http://business-news.thestreet.com/daily-freeman/story/jpmorgan-chase-chief-economist-yellen-needs-to-be-flexible-about-rate-hike-timing/13686579 JPMorgan Chase chief economist Anthony Chan expects Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen to strike a flexible tone in terms of the timing… Fri, 26 Aug 2016 09:10:00 EDT