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Call the Cops: Apple's About to Kill Android

If you understand the core of Apple and Google's DNA, you understand why iOS will demolish Android.

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  • Chinese Oil Demand Forecast Slashed

    In a sharp decline from last year's consensus, a Chinese investment bank says refined oil demand will rise only 0.3% this year although gasoline sales will continue to climb.

  • Why Antero Resources (AR) Stock Is Lower Today

    Antero Resources (AR) is trading lower on Monday after the company cut its production estimates for two sections of its Utica holdings. In a statement, the oil and natural gas producer said it had reduced estimates on one section by 34% and another by 31%. The company has holdings in West Virginia, Ohio and Pennyslvannia.

  • Will This New Rating Help Sempra Energy (SRE) Stock Today?

    UBS starts its coverage of Sempra Energy (SRE) with a 'buy' rating, saying the company is involved in every attractive angle of energy infrastructure, with the bulk of its growth tied to LNG exports.

  • Global Warming Panel Calls for Dramatic Action to Avoid Catastrophe

    The latest report by the UN's scientific advisory panel on climate change says time is limited to keep the Earth's temperature below catastrophic limits.

  • Uranium Energy Corp (UEC) Makes Up For Tuesday's Losses

    Uranium Energy Corp (UEC) is recovering from losses suffered on Tuesday. By midafternoon, shares had added 16.5% to $1.20. Trading volume of 4.2 million was nearly triple its three-month daily average.

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