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10 Craft Beers That Aren't

3. Dixie Brewing
Why it's not craft: Uses adjunct ingredients in its beer

Hey, you know what really makes beer snobs look like insufferable jerkwads? Picking on a brewery destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.

The brewery in New Orleans' Third Ward was heavily damaged by the storm and has sat abandoned and picked over since the storm hit in 2005. Photos of the abandoned site are disturbing, but not nearly as unsettling as the decision by the Brewers Association to put Dixie on its hit list last month for not putting enough grain in the brew.

Oh, we're sorry fat, warm, sheltered beer snob. We're sure one of Dixie's displaced employees will climb in through one of its many busted windows, scrape about eight years worth of rust off the works and get on that tout de suite. In the meantime, feel free to sling a few blog barbs at the contract brewer keeping the brand alive so New Orleans can one day have its beer and a few jobs back.