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10 Top Twitter Users From Barack to Bieber

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9. Shakira
Twitter handle: @shakira
Joined Twitter: June 3, 2009
Followers: 18,609,132
First tweet: June 12, 2009. "Hi guys! A little late in the game but I'm starting to figure out this whole twitter thing. Finally out of the studio for a week"

Shakira hasn't had a studio album go platinum in the U.S. since 2005. She hasn't had a single go platinum here since 2010 or chart in the Top 10 since 2007.

It doesn't matter. In the rest of the world, the Colombian pop star is still as massive as she was in her Hips Don't Lie U.S. heyday. Her last studio album, 2010's Sale el Sol, sold only 300,000 copies here. It sold 4 million worldwide. It was a similar story with 2009's She Wolf, which sold fewer than 400,000 copies here but more than 2 million around the globe. U.S. audiences will get another look at her as a judge and coach on NBC's The Voice next season, but the rest of the world has never really turned away.