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10 Used Cars To Consider Before Buying New

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8. Subaru Forester
Trim: 2.5 X
Original MSRP: $21,870
KBB private party value: $5,535
Retained value 25.3%

This was the end of the Forester's days as a large station wagon and the beginning of its metamorphosis into a full-sized crossover SUV.

The 2003 Forester's redesign elicited tears from hippies and bourgeois bohemians in organic grocery parking lots across the country. It was lighter, but suddenly a little bit taller and a lot more spacious inside. Already high ceilings vaulted higher and the 64 cubic feet of cargo space with the rear seats down were a step above a grocery-getter, but just a few notches below a true off-road vehicle.

The 2.5-liter four-cylinder with a 165 horsepower engine stayed put, as did the 22-miles-per-gallon -- perfectly game for shuttling duties.

Just hope someone has replaced the standard cassette deck. We know they're making a comeback in the hipper circles, but one of the kids may still try to jam an iPhone into it.