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10 Used Cars To Consider Before Buying New

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4. Toyota RAV4
Trim: CE Sedan
Original MSRP: $19,515
KBB private party value: $6,900
Retained value 35.4%

You're not mistaking the RAV4 for the CR-V by accident.

The head pocket utility vehicle and its Honda rival have been vying for the same market since the '90s and were just coming out of their wagon-style shells by 2003. That year's RAV4 handled like a car, gets 148 horsepower out of its 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine and has adjustable cup holders and several storage bins for school, vacations and soccer practice soccer practice.

It was also packed with the features several families now take for granted. The RAV4's ABS brakes, aluminum wheels, air conditioning, remote keyless entry and power sunroof were options in 2003, but its combined 25 miles per gallon, dual front airbags and tight suspension were perks Toyota threw in just for kicks.

Lots of expendable income goes out the window once kids enter the equation, so it's not such a bad idea to get a discount on a car that's still fashionable a decade later. Your front-loading washer and 37-inch Internet-free TV can only hope to be as relevant after that many years.