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11 Household Objects That Just Got Smarter

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NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Wonder what your smartphone has done for you lately?

The ubiquitous consumer device has infiltrated a surprising number of household objects, from front doors to vacuum cleaners.

While not everything makes sense (a Smartphone toaster? Won't the toast get cold if you're nowhere near?), smartphones and their accompanying mobile apps have let nearly no household object go untouched. Take a look:

The Front Door

After buying a car with keyless entry and a push-button start, I anxiously awaited a similar system for the front door. It's time -- and boy, has there been an explosion. The Bluetooth-based keys and door locks are dominated by startups like Lockitron, August and Goji.

But Kwikset recently jumped in with its touch-friendly Kevo. The door lock senses when a Bluetooth-linked smartphone or key fob is near and unlocks the front door. No longer must one fumble to find keys in a purse or pocket. These systems also use a smartphone to allow entry to certain people (friend or cleaning service), get an alert if the door is unlocked and let you know when its battery is dying.,,,