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3 Highlights for the Wii U, Xbox and PlayStation

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NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Two weeks have already zipped by since 2014's E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo. While the excitement over new software titles have wound down, traces of disappointment still linger over certain missing elements from the show.

On the whole, E3 went rather smoothly for Microsoft and Sony . There weren't any dramatic technical glitches that plagued E3 in the past; there weren't any Internet outages, just a few grumbles here and there. Both companies made good impressions highlighting the exclusives or exclusive elements available to them as they awaited a more complete 2015 game exclusives offering. Among them, Microsoft showcased Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Sony presented Activision Blizzard's Destiny, which will have exclusive content for the PS4 and PS3.

Nintendo however, was criticized for its dearth of featured content and no official conferences. The video game industry was expecting a bolder presence from a company desperately trying to turn its fortunes around.

Although E3 is a Big Three-dominated event, Steam Machines was supposed to bring more prominence to the PC-gaming side of the show, but largely underwhelmed. Alienware's take on the Steam Machine did however attract some attention.

Here's a recap of what was missing from the E3 show, and how these missing elements specifically impact Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft: