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3 Things You Should Know About Small Business: Nov. 30

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Steinkirchner writes that some things that other businesses should consider when taking advantage of a promotion like Small Business Saturday is their target customer (should it be new customers or existing customers?), a well-thought-out delivery of advertising, including social media and networking with other retailers and the community at large. But small businesses should also "try something new" and "try some variety" when it comes to selling your products on Small Business Saturday, she writes.

3. What can Forrest Gump teach us about leadership? The epic movie Forrest Gump can teach business owners a lot about branding and perseverance. One of the strongest lessons business owners can take from the movie was the scene in which Gump began his cross country therapeutic run. Along the way, followers joined him, numbering in the thousands by the time he was finished. So what can you learn from this scene?

"Forrest started running for a simple reason. The reason was deeply personal and pushed him to cross the country multiple times. Forrest didn't care who ran with him. He just ran. Everyone was allowed to join. Along the way, he became a celebrity but he didn't notice. He was focused on his passion. The celebrity drew others to his band of followers, but it didn't change Forrest's course," according to a blog post this week on Pushing Social .

The blogger offered several more lessons business owners can learn from Forrest Gump's example of a simple genius.

-- Written by Laurie Kulikowski in New York.

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