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3. How franchises can partner with the NFL. Football season kicked off last week leading many restaurant franchises to clamor for marketing and advertising promotions with the NFL. Unfortunately, the NFL has strict rules on brand signage in stadiums, so getting in front of customers is tricky when you're not buying airtime. Several quick-service restaurant brands have developed broadcast partnerships as part of their NFL strategy, according to QSR Magazine .

QSR along with brand analysis and research firm Repucom, conducted a study showing that at least 17 restaurant brands competed for viewer attention last year through these partnerships.

Sponsoring segments of TV broadcasts could be a much more efficient way for a brand to create an association with the NFL team or league, the article says.

Wendy's ranked highest in the survey as having the best quality NFL partnership; Subway and McDonald's (MCD) rounded out the top three names.

-- Written by Laurie Kulikowski in New York.

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