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5 Best Gifts To Buy Between Now and Christmas

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Anyone who's ever been suckered into a Black Friday store by promises of a low-priced blender knows that only the somewhat lesser hand-held versions get the heftiest price cuts.

You know that's not what you're trying to buy. You're thinking of something with a pitcher, a stand and a place in a Jimmy Buffett song. Something that won't give you carpal tunnel syndrome every time you try to make a daiquiri.

Yeah, those aren't a particularly good deal around Thanksgiving weekend, but they're a decent bargain in the days before Christmas for the same reason their distant cousin the juicer is: They're old and they've got to go. Much like the juicer, the blender's discount hovers around 16% in the week or so before Christmas, so don't hesitate to pick one up for a holiday party if necessary.