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Is there any bigger kitchen afterthought than this particular appliance?

Sometime after the pizza roll, frozen burrito and Hot Pocket-fueled days of youth, public favor turns against the microwave. Your coworkers burn popcorn in it, your family refuses to clean it and you've resorted to using it only to reheat things you're none too excited about eating or drinking anyway. Of the three items Craftmatic used to give away with its adjustable beds in the late 1980s and early 1990s, only the microwave was spared the fate of the tube television and VCR.

It's no wonder you've waited this long to buy one for your college-age or newly single relative. The lethargy only works in your favor, though, as microwaves are roughly 10% less expensive this late in the season. If you're resigned to giving a microwave as a present, the level of thought and money you put into it should at least be equal.