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5 Forever or Forgotten: The Legacy of Today's VIPs - Part 1

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NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, John D. Rockefeller: we're all familiar with the 19th and 20th century moguls who laid the foundation for our third millennium brand of capitalism. Vivid personal histories, transformational innovations, on-going philanthropies -- not to mention right-place-at-the-right-time good luck -- all ensured their place in business history.

This raises an interesting and obvious question -- which of our modern Midases will be remembered a hundred years hence and which will join the rest of us in the legions of the long forgotten?

Destiny or dustbin? Flash in the pan, or member of the pantheon; the following slide show posits some predictions from the fields of entertainment, investing, real estate and technology. Agree, disagree -- post your comments below.

Donald Trump: FORGOTTEN

The hair . . . the headlines . . the hubris . . . how could anyone forget The Donald?

Well, it turns out we can, and we will. Every generation produces its own version of the flashy, self-promoting real estate hot shot. New York City's Fifth Avenue is lined with ego-infused erections to long-forgotten tycoons. Who today remembers August Heckscher, noted in the New York Times as the builder of the beautiful Crown Building at Fifth Avenue and 57th Street or Fred F. French, also recorded by the NYT as the developer of the proud, eponymous pile at Fifth Avenue and 45th St.. Irwin S. Chanin, millionaire visionary behind the landmarked "Chanin Building" and numerous Broadway theaters, merits only a five-line Wikipedia article .

In comparison to the above-mentioned masterpieces, Trump Tower and all its copy-cat condos and casinos, are already starting to look tired, dated and . . . forgettable.

OK, I can't resist -- sorry Donald, you're gonna be fired.

Michael Bloomberg: FOREVER

Sometimes, thankfully, a quiet, unassuming mensch comes out ahead -- and is remembered accordingly.

Being both the mayor of New York City and the wealthiest man in New York City is an unprecedented feat that won't be soon repeated or forgotten. In years to come, when petty politicians are back in power at City Hall, we'll hearken back nostalgically to our current effacing, efficient executive/mayor.

In the meantime, Bloomberg's name graces a privately held, multibillion dollar media conglomerate, a cable channel, a radio network, a magazine, an 800 ft. office tower, a ubiquitous machine found on the desk of every global trader, banker and money manager and a lauded, $2 billion family foundation . . .

Yup, Bloomberg's name will be around for a good long time.

Warren Buffet: FORGOTTEN

Warren Buffet is a nice man who read chapters 8 and 20 of Ben Graham's Intelligent Investor (1949) and used the learnings to make $37 billion. He also writes nice letters to to shareholders of Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.A) (BRK.B) and presents himself nicely to the media. He lives in a nice house in the nice city of Omaha, Neb. Nice, yes -- memorable, no.