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5 Most Infamous Cars Of 2012

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2. The 1997 Ford Escort from Ted

Mark Wahlberg plays an undergrown slacker, Family Guy creator and voiceover man Seth MacFarlane plays his teddy bear come to life using the same voice as the dog Brian from Family Guy, Mila Kunis steps in as the love interest and the whole thing is set in Boston.

This movie was an aging bro's wildest dream come true, and the more than $500 million it made at the box office worldwide backed that up. It's the highest-grossing R-rated comedy in history and made all that cash while characters shilled for Axe Hair Gel.

It's going to end up being one of those movies that guys in dorm rooms, bars and country clubs stand around in circles quoting for decades, and it seems fitting that the most memorable car in the film is itself a punch line. The film's title teddy bear slams the beater Escort into a 2008 Chevy Malibu while driving Wahlberg to work, but the fact that man-child Wahlberg still drives the econobox just piles on the film's beer-soaked Neverland theme. A sequel is forthcoming.