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5 Sexiest Suburbs in America

BOSTON (TheStreet) -- Suburban communities are known for green grass, good schools and other kid-friendly features -- but all of those children have to come from somewhere, so here's a look at America's sexiest suburbs.

"People think suburbs are a place to go to be quiet and a little boring, but I think things have changed. People don't have to go into the city any more to get what they want," says Nick Johnson of home-buying site, which recently named the Sexiest Suburbs in America.

Movoto picked winners by analyzing nearly 150 suburbs for seven adult-oriented statistics, from per-capita strip clubs and lingerie stores to average local summer temperatures (figuring warmer weather equals more connubial nudity).

"It's literally a case of 'night and day' in some suburbs," Johnson says. "Everyone goes inside at night and there's a lot more mischief going on than you might think."

Winners have the highest number of lingerie shops, strip clubs, massage parlors, bars and other night spots relative to population, based on listings. Communities also got extra credit for high average summertime temperatures. Read on to check out the five communities at the top of Movoto's rankings:

America's fifth-sexiest suburb: Dublin, Ohio

Wendy's has its corporate headquarters in Dublin, but the restaurant chain's burgers are about the only square thing you'll find in this 42,000-population Columbus suburb.

Dublin ranks No. 4 among suburbs analyzed for per-capita lingerie stores, and also comes in sixth for hotels and 15th for night spots relative to population. Add in a decent 72-degree average summer temperature and local soccer moms and dads should generate enough heat to melt the Frosties.

"We definitely didn't expect places like Dublin to make the list -- we though it would be dominated by places up and down the [East and West] Coast -- but that's what makes things fun," Johnson says. "We just crunch the numbers and see what happens."

America's fourth-sexiest suburb: Cornelius, N.C.

Located 20 miles north of Charlotte, this 24,900-population community not only ranks fourth on Movoto's list of sexiest suburbs, but also recently came in eighth on a separate rundown of America's best suburban areas overall.

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"It's interesting that a place that ranks in the top 10 of best suburbs would be the fourth-sexiest suburb, too," Johnson says. "But hey -- maybe there's a connection."

Cornelius' sexiness stems primarily from the community's sixth-place ranking for per-capita night spots, ninth-place rating for lingerie stores and 19th-place finish for massage parlors. The 76-degree average summer temperature also helps keep things plenty hot for local couples.