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5 Things to Know When Making Your First Hires of 2013

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If your company doesn't have flexible schedule policies in place, it may be time to look at implementing them on a broader scale. For companies that use phone and Internet for the majority of workflow, it can be a positive option.

"It can bring high morale to all employees," he says. "Also, when flexible work options are available, you'll be able to attract a talented new hire who can bring evergreen value to the table."

4. What should I know about health care costs?

"Health care costs aren't going down," says Bob Tenzer, senior vice president of human resources at C3: CustomerContactChannels . "So for plans that are experience rated, keeping the population healthy is a priority."

"Experience rated" insurance plans look at pre-existing conditions and how much has already been spent on health care per person, taking all risk factors into consideration. If this is the type of plan your company has, it might be helpful to put health and wellness screenings in place.

"Institute health risk assessments, wellness programs and disease management with your insurance company," Tenzer suggests. "This will help identify problems before they become high cost claims that impact everyone's rates."

Make sure you inform your new hires of the type of policy your company has. If there is a waiting period before insurance kicks in, they need to know before they accept the job.

5. Once I'm ready to make an offer, what should my main focus be?

Focus on your business, not the "noise" of the economy or anything else going on at the company, Shanahan recommends. Homing in on how you want your business to grow is more important than whether the coffee machine is broken or the markets are down.

"In a small business, every hire counts and mistakes are quite costly," she says.

Focusing not only on where you want to go as a company but also where you've come from can be a great way to finalize your decision.

"Ask yourself: 'How have I grown and adapted over the years? Can I imagine this person adapting and evolving with me?'" Dyson says. "The answer may come quicker than you think."