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5 Travel Destinations That Avoid Spring Break

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PORTLAND, Ore. (TheStreet) -- Unless you're Harmony Korine or James Franco, spring breakers are exactly what most adult travelers are looking to avoid around this time of year.

Even if your best partying days aren't behind you, the organized amateur hour of hotel parties, packed clubs, keg stands and chemically fueled all-nighters can be a lot to put up with. If you're in their proximity and find yourself wanting to tell them at high volume that they're A) Doing it wrong or B) Are going to have to shut up for an hour or so, chances are they're still not the problem.

It's you. You're warned by just about everybody where the popular destinations will be and how to get around them. Those with the means usually do. American Express Travel surveyed 200 of its travel experts back in December and found that Seychelles, Brazil, Vietnam, Alaska, Grenada, New Zealand, Croatia, Bhutan, Norway and Greece would be the destinations of choice for most of their card-carrying clientele this year. With the exception of the holiday crowd in Greece and the soccer faithful headed to Brazil for the World Cup this summer, none of these destinations would rate a stop from the old Girls Gone Wild party bus.

The Travel Leaders Group leisure company conducted a similar survey and found that well-heeled travelers were really keen on spending this year in Peru, Tahiti, Iceland, Maldives, the Galapagos Islands and a number of other places where people aren't shotgunning Bud Light tallboys on their hotel balconies and bumping beats out of their convertible SUV of choice. Those surveyed are also willing to spend a lot more to get away from the "woooo"-ing crowds, with 52.6% willing to spend more on their vacations than they did last year and only 6% spending less.

Even those who aren't rummaging for their passports are shunning sunny spring break spots. Though the Travel Leaders Group found that 41.5% of respondents planned on taking their domestic vacations in Las Vegas, the remainder of the Top 5 included family-friendly Orlando (41%), cost-prohibitive Maui (39.7%), chilly cruise-ship Alaska (38.3%) and New York City (33.7%).

So where should you go to avoid spring break crowds without spending a bundle? Our friends at SmarterTravel have suggested five options for avoiding spring breakers everywhere but the airports without breaking your budget doing so: