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7 Stocks For Working Moms Avoiding AOL's "Distressed Babies" Scandal

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James Dennin, Kapitall: Tim Armstrong's "distressed babies" remark didn't go over well. Here are companies doing right by working moms. 

AOL (AOLCEO Tim Armstrong made a major gaffe last week when he cited two "distressed babies" as part of the reason he overhauled the company's health-care and 401K plans.

The mother of one of the babies, after realizing she was being referred to directly, took to Slate to offer a rebuttal, arguing that hers was exactly the kind of medical emergency health insurance is for and that Armstrong mischaracterized working mothers as greedy tricksters.

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Armstrong quickly realized the magnitude of the slip-up and offered an apology. But it's not the first time he's run into precisely this kind of trouble before. His previous employer, Google (GOOG) was was sued by one of Armstrong's employees who alleged that he had called her an "HR nightmare" after she became pregnant with quadruplets, and relegated her to "intern work." 

In light of Armstrong's comments, it seems likely that greater media attention will be put on how companies treat their working mothers in 2014.

We decided to build a list of stocks that are already doing a good job in this space. To do so we consulted one of our partner sites, CSRHub, which compiles reports and rates companies based on their corporate social responsibility. We limited our search to companies with a CSRHub Employee Rating of 75/100 or more, which put them in the top ten. 

We then narrowed down the list based on stocks featured on Working Mother's Best Companies list, which looks at the number of women in management and leadership, the amount of paid maternity leave, and whether the company subsidizes daycare. 

Just seven stocks remained on our list.