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7 Ways Small Businesses Can Use Online Marketing to Boost Revenue

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NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- At a time when online marketing companies such as Yodle and ReachLocal are focusing more on growing big enough to become publicly traded companies, HigherVisibility is mainly focused on helping over 200 local enterprises and small businesses make money through specialized outreach techniques based on sophisticated SEO strategies.

The Memphis-based search engine optimization firm must be doing something right because it was ranked the first last month by, an independent SEO authority.

TheStreet spoke to HigherVisibility Managing Partner David McElveen about the seven ways smaller enterprises can use the power of SEO to enhance their overall sales revenue.

1. Don't Reinvent the Wheel

It isn't prudent to invest in costly analytics tools for examining your online presence. A simpler way to optimize your resources involves using the many free analytics and Webmaster tools on sites run by Google , Yahoo! and Microsoft's Bing. "It's important to get the hang of what kind of foot traffic you're getting, and how it impacts your business," David McElveen said.

2. Enhance User Experience Based on Analytics Results

Once these analytics are in place, you'll find these search engine platforms show unique snapshots of how potential customers and target stakeholder groups are engaging with your organization. Understanding these patterns will give a fillip to your search engine rankings by growing your business organically and guiding strategies aimed at driving meaningful conversations that draw in more users.

3. Identify Key Influencers for Your Brand

David McElveen underscores the power of social media in facilitating sustainable relationships with key industry thought leaders who have enough online traction to boost your online visibility.

"It's just like a hiring scenario," McElveen said. "You would be more likely to recruit a candidate who has been referred by a trusted friend or colleague. In the same vein, linking your content strategically with brand leaders who will be more inclined to recommending your product or service is a better way of expanding your customer base."