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Allocate U.S. Holdings to 14 Top Dow Stocks

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NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- The Dow Industrial Average contains 30 brand named companies, of which 14 are buy-rated according to ValuEngine. Today I profile the 12 buy-rated names that are not in the consumer staples sector. These, plus the two I profiled on Monday, are buy-and-trade candidates, and represent what I consider core holdings in allocating a maximum of 50% of investible funds in the U.S. stock market.

On March 18, in 12 Sell Downgrades Threaten Dow Transports, my suggested allocation to this sector was reduced to zero as a source of funds, as there were no buy-rated stocks in this sector.

On March 19, in Sell Downgrades Weaken Homebuilder Foundations, my suggested allocation to the homebuilders was also reduced to zero, as a source of funds. This strategy expanded to the entire construction sector on March 21, in Sell-Rated Stocks a Source Of Funds.

Today, shows that 63.7% of all stocks are overvalued, just below the 65.0% ValuEngine Valuation Warning threshold.

The six sectors represented by the 14 buy-rated Dow stocks are overvalued: computer & technology by 15.6%; consumer staples by 26.1%; medical by 11.5%; multi-sector conglomerates by 9.1%; retail-wholesale by 17.5%; and utilities by 13.0%.

Among today's 12 Dow stocks, nine are trading above their 200-day simple moving averages (SMA), while three are below, so the risk of a reversion to this mean remains evident.

Within the Dow P/E ratios are reasonable with the 12-month trailing P/E ratios between 10.2 and 21.4.