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Amazon to $314? You Betcha

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It all gets done online. Until retailers step it up to the Apple (or Tesla Motors (TSLA) or Lululemon (LULU) ) level, that's not about to change.

Today, Caris raised estimates for Amazon's top and bottom line. It also upped its price target on the stock to $314.

Don't let the bears, who likely do not have the guts (because, deep down, they're smart) to short the stock, suck you into a trap. Only about 2.3% of AMZN's float is short; that's roughly 8 million out of 364 million shares. Lots of people are talking the talk, but not walking the walk.

Amazon doesn't tell us how many Kindles it sells. Its margins stink. Profits blow when they report them. They spend too much. They took out a $3 billion bond.

All of the above and anything else the bears come up with doesn't matter.

Look at AMZN like you look at decorating a baby's room before it has been born. You are getting everything ready for big event. Of course, the entire pregnancy is a big deal. And you treat it as one. But, for nine months, you lay the groundwork for the really big event -- the birth of a new life that will sustain and breathe even more vibrancy into the world.

Amazon operates on a longer life cycle, but it's the same concept.

Don't short children because, after all, they are the future. And don't short AMZN because Jeff Bezos and his team continue to write the future .