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Apple: iPad Mini Wins Because It's Expensive

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When you pick up an iPad mini, it just feels right. Down to the last detail. In your hand, I don't know how to explain it, it's like dashing kisses along a beautiful woman's collarbone on the way to intimate, absolutely perfect ecstasy.

The Kindle Fire ... more like going in to kiss your Grandmother and awkwardly bumping heads because you were going for the cheek and she was going for the lips.

It's all good. You love her. She's even nice to have around, but it's just different you know. And it should be.

People are willing to pay for premium products. Apple continues to prove that with jam-packed retail outlets , compared to relatively low-key and often painfully empty Microsoft (MSFT) stores .

Somebody has got to get it right to take the crown away from Apple. Cheap crap doesn't cut it. People will always be there to buy it, but not with the same collarbone-kissing intensity they have for Apple products. And if you're going to price products at a premium -- like Microsoft has with the Surface tablet -- you better come to play. Half-assed efforts ain't going to cut it, muchacho.

There's something to be said for paying for quality, beautiful design, flawless user experience, a seamless ecosystem, overall attention to detail and, yes, status. On every count, that's how it has been, currently is and will be forever. There's no fervor on the streets this month about getting your hand on a Surface or Nexus or Kindle. All people want are Apple products. Want, buy. Aspire. Whatever.

That's the market force that will win out as long as Apple doesn't trip over itself. A cheaper glass panel for a smartphone screen or a slightly higher-grade plastic at a lower price for the back of a tablet -- don't fool yourself. They don't mean a damn thing on the ground in the consumer marketplace.

--Written by Rocco Pendola in Santa Monica, Calif.