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BrightStar Care's Shelly Sun: From Frustrated Consumer to CEO

There were nuances in the processes that they followed or in some of the creative ideas that they had - creating a mechanism where we could hear those ideas from the front line so we could continue to make the experience for our consumers and for our employees every day even better.

What are the future growth plans ?

Sun: The last couple of years have been about large technology investments. We really see a changing environment in terms of reimbursements for care and improving the outcomes for the consumer. We're really focusing on being able to drive our high quality services, but also to be able to measure the data and support that.

We've made over a $3 million in investment in technology to allow us that capability... And we're adding systems so that we could also help our franchisees become more profitable over time.

Besides BrightStar, you are active in the franchise community and even have a book out? What's next for you, Shelly?

Sun: My twin boys are 7. They're at an age where Mommy traveling is really hard on them. I've been try to identify things I'm really good at, but also keep me closer to home. I began in 2012 and for all of 2013 will be hosting two-day strategic planning workshops for my franchisees. We're the only franchisor that offers that type of education and environment for our franchisees, but it also gives me that many more days to at least be home for story time and have dinner with my boys. It's always about finding that balance.

-- Written by Laurie Kulikowski in New York.

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