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Can Amazon Put Brick and Mortar Retail Back Together Again?

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He was being nice when he said the other guys do a good job at it. Certainly some do. When he brought up iPad, you could almost see the respect Bezos has for Apple (AAPL) in his eyes. That's a friendly competition if I ever have seen one.

But, ultimately, what Bezos was saying, as I read between the lines, is that the present brick and mortar retail model stinks.

It strikes me kinda funny that Amazon busted the model in two. Now, Bezos says, Man, we can't really think of anything to do that's different at the moment . Translation: He's a humble genius. He disrupted an entire space.

And you know darn well that, even if it's bubbling somewhere below the surface in his shiny dome, Bezos has ideas on how to put physical retail back together again.

I am no Bezos, but I have ideas as well. Explore some with me on Twitter and in future articles on TheStreet.