NEW YORK ( MainStreet) — Every year, High Times magazine holds its Cannabis Cup , the largest marijuana industry event in the world. Companies, inventors and entrepreneurs gathered in Denver on 4/20 this year for the first legal event in the United States. Thousands of attendees drove in from all over the country to taste, tamper with, and tell their friends about all the latest and greatest products the industry has to offer. Here are some product highlights to look out for as marijuana makes its move to Main Street.

Gourmet Edibles

The edibles market has long been inconsistent. While some people report edibles made from cannabis getting them extremely high and drowsy , others complain that edibles never do anything for them. The High Times edibles panel explains this happens when people forget to heat the herbs prior to cooking them into the food. Without this important step, you won't activate the cannabinoids and will simply end up with a normal baked good that tastes like marijuana .

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GFarmaLabs is one of the gourmet edibles companies whose products mimic the effects of smoking or vaping marijuana without tasting like it. The Liquid Gold Delights I tasted were among the best chocolates I've ever tasted. This is because they are made by mixing quality Belgian chocolate and local ingredients to melt in your mouth like nothing Hershey's has ever put on the market.

The only competition for GFarmaLabs in the gourmet THC chocolate category is Infuzionz by Alan Mann. These chocolates are on the level of Russell Stover, and, like Liquid Gold Delights, Infuzionz edibles don't have that marijuana taste. Meanwhile Paul Kapral is hoping his Mary Jane Wines line of marijuana-infused wine will become the next premium vintage.

Premium Branding

While many marijuana companies lack the business savvy it takes to become a household brand like Pepsi or McDonald's, quite a few companies fully understand that branding is their most important asset. Cheeba Chews, for example, has cannabis-doused Tootsie Rolls that replicate the iconic packaging without risking trademark infringement.

MarQaha by Timothy McDowell is another Cannabis Cup standout, providing a variety of THC-infused drinks, mists, tinctures and more. While the drinks are delicious, and the effects are quite strong, it's the MarQaha packaging that really shines. The products are simple, yet bright and colorful, resembling Sobe and Fuze, with a psychedelic ink blot butterfly representing the dosage effects. When marijuana is rescheduled and decriminalized on a national scale , MarQaha is ready for success.

Some companies, such as HRN Distribution Inc. and High Quality Packaging, focus entirely on the marketing aspect, choosing not to provide cannabis-related products but rather to print their brands on existing products. HRN, for example, is the North American distributor of Cones, Kush and the original Blunt Wraps. These two companies distribute smoking supplies to nearly every convenience store in the country, and they're responsible for promotional items, such as Snoop Dogg's branded rolling papers .