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Colfax: One of the Few Industrial Sector Winners

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NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- The market demands the modern industrial chief executive be equal parts hard-hat engineer, talking head, smooth financial operator and global warming activist.

If you are doing anything with energy, at some point someone is going to ask about the carbon footprint of your products. You'd better have the right answer.

Colfax has been coming up with right answers in a lot of areas around the world. From deep-sea oil platforms to container ships bigger than football fields, to everything in between that involves fluids and pipes and pumps around the world, Colfax does it.

All sprinkled with a bit of green to keep the politicians happy. Turns out investors are happy, too.

Colfax may not be part of a popular sector like the drug companies or biotechs but I like its multi-platform manufacturing and engineering products for fluid handling systems, welding products, and precision air and gas handling equipment throughout the world. This quiet, industrial worker bee is a Best Stock Now.

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