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Economic Picture Is Getting Ugly

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We are seeing similar moves from Applebees franchisees, and others. Papa John's (PZZA) announced the possibilities of both price increases and cutbacks in hours in order to cover the costs of the new law.

Uncle Sam can force employers to abide by the new law, but it can't force them to hire or prevent them from cutting hours or laying off workers. While the law was seen as a huge victory by many -- no administration had ever gotten such broad-based health care legislation passed -- I'm afraid that we are already starting to see the law of unintended consequences.

Some believe the layoffs and cutbacks announced post-election are simply either sour grapes for the election results or were going to happen anyway. We'll see. Perhaps, before we get too far down the road to full implementation, the administration and Congress can get together and agree to some changes to this law, changes that won't force businesses and consumers into a corner?

I hope so but am not holding my breath.

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