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Harrod's $11,000 Coffee: Is It Worth the Price?

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Additional coffees to try include coffee from the Gesha tree, which Davids describes as unmistakeable for its lavender floral notes, crisp baker's chocolate and bright, complex fruit flavor. These are the world's rarest, most expensive coffees, Davids says. The most famous Geshas are from Panama, but less expensive versions are produced in Colombia. Coffee from Gesha trees ranges from $40 to $70 per 8-ounce bag and can be bought via PT's Coffee in Kansas.

Davids also suggested Ethiopia Yirgacheffe -- a poor man's Gesha with a complex floral and citrus flavor. Terroir Coffee usually offers at least one Yirgacheffe. It's also sold by Novo Coffee (Yirgacheffe Belekatu, $15 per 12 ounces) and by Highwire Coffee (Yirgacheffe Blue Nile, $17.50 per 16 ounces).