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Intel Stock Starts Countdown to Launch

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Analog Devices is projected to increase revenue only 0.4% this year and 9.70% next year while earnings are estimated to increase annually by 3.27% over the next five years. The P/E is 21.72 with a dividend yield of 2.59%. The financial strength is A+ and The Street rates it an A- stock.

Texas Instruments is predicted to have a loss of revenue of 6.40% this year but increase again by 6.60% next year. Earnings forecasts are good at an increase of 4.9% this year, 23.3% next year and to increase annually by 9% for the next five years. The P/E of 20.56 is coupled with a 2.49% dividend yield. The solid A++ financial strength gets the stock a B+ rating by TheStreet.

Conclusion: If the economy recovers and the company's R&D investments pay off, Intel investors could reap a 19%-to-21% total annual return. This may be the right entry point but I'd follow the moving averages and turtle channels to see if the momentum holds up:

This article is commentary by an independent contributor, separate from TheStreet's regular news coverage.