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Is That a Revolution in Your Pants?

SAN DIEGO (TheStreet) -- For years, Victoria's Secret has been the go-to retailer for luxury women's undergarments.

But for men, there has yet to be an equivalent, market-dominating manufacturer whose name is synonymous with luxury men's briefs.

Mathias Ingvarsson may very well change that.

Ingvarsson, one of the entrepreneurs who brought the world the Tempur-Pedic mattress, has just launched Frigo a new line of luxury men's underwear that he describes as game changing.

And he's betting that men will spend triple digits to wear his bold new underwear. They cost as much as $100 a pair.

"I tried them on, and said 'It's the best thing I've ever tried.' " says Ingvarsson, CEO and founder of RevolutionWear, which makes Frigo.

The company has merged technology, design and the best available materials to develop its product. Translation: These are far from your old-fashioned boxers or briefs.

Frigo high-tech underwear has numerous special features. Most importantly, and most widely talked about, is the patented internal mesh pouch that, let's just say, keeps things in place.

The pouch is made of ultra light fabric to avoid constriction and it prevents sweating and chafing of the wearer's all-important parts. The pouch is also adjustable there's an elastic band that allows the wearer to control the degree of lift.

Other features of Frigo underwear include mesh zones throughout, which increase breathability, as do the underwear's laser-cut vents. Leggings with silicon in them keep the underwear from riding up. And Frigo underwear is nearly stitch-free, giving them a smooth fit, Ingvarsson says.