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Luxury Label Launched After-Hours Could Shed Its Manhattan Apartment Skin

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- "Chic yet street" is how Jason Stalvey describes the designs in his fledgling luxury accessory collection, and chic they are: duffel bags, baseball hats, camera straps -- all made of luxe, exotic skins. Blankets made of female mink and trimmed in black matte alligator. Prices ranging from $2,000 to $25,000.

Luxe indeed, but Stalvey is a newcomer to the fashion industry, entering the flamboyant world of runways and fashion showrooms by the atypical route of a science and medical background.

Nor was his inspiration typical. Stalvey's journey began with his own search for the perfect alligator duffel bag. A must for everyone, no?

"When you live in New York City, you need a bag to carry around gym clothes," says Stalvey, a South Carolina native who lives in New York City.

But really, his story traces back a little bit further. Stalvey describes himself as someone who has always been keen on nice bags, and as a child had a habit of storing items in very unique and very proper containers.

"I was always that kid who kept things compartmentalized," Stalvey says. "I had a special container for my Crayolas. Everything was completely organized. I had antique boxes. Toys had their own compartments. I was always organized and detail oriented."

Stalvey's says his penchant for stylish storage continued as an adult, noting that he uses trunks in his apartment to store blankets. In other words, they're not merely folded and shoved in a drawer or on the top of a closet.

When his search for just the right alligator duffel proved fruitless, Stalvey decided to design one of his own. With the help of some friends in the fashion industry, Stalvey set about studying how bags are made, educating himself on every detail.

"I didn't know a two-way zipper from a one-way zipper. Friends pointed me in the right direction," Stalvey says.