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Natural Gas on Fire in 2013

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- The natural-gas-from-shale revolution in energy will continue in the U.S. through 2013. Domestic and cleaner gas is replacing coal to power our electricity grids and replacing diesel to power our trucks.

And while this long-term trend of more and more natural gas use continues, the price of the fuel and their associated stocks, after a year of overproduction, remained in the doldrums, one of the weakest performers of 2012. That's going to change through 2013.

I believe we reached a generational low in 2012 in the price of natural gas and we will never again see the sub-$2/mcf price we witnessed in April. Despite a rally since bringing prices to closer to $4/mcf today, natural gas remains by far the cheapest fuel, poised to take up more and more of the burden of powering America.

That makes natural gas the most exciting sector for investment for 2013 and beyond in the energy space. I outline the case for natural gas and give some specific recommendations for investment in the video above.

This article is commentary by an independent contributor, separate from TheStreet's regular news coverage.