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Oscars' 9 Best Pictures Are Extras In a World of Box Office Heroes

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7. The Amazing Spider-Man
Studio: Sony
2012 U.S. box office take: $262 million

Oscar No. 7. Zero Dark Thirty
Studio: Annapurna Pictures/Columbia Pictures
2012 U.S. box office take: $88.5 million

We understand that superheroes make money and that a PG-13 comic book popcorn flick is going to draw more dollars than a hyperrealistic R-rated two-and-a-half-hour portrayal of a real-life military operation and killing, but ... really, America?

Spider-Man already got the blockbuster trilogy treatment once in the 21st century. Remember Tobey Maguire kissing Kirsten Dunst upside down? Remember Thomas Hayden Church turning into a CGI shape-shifting pile of sand while Topher Grace tried his best to be the ripped, alien-suited bad guy Venom? Don't you people remember any of this? Do you even remember yesterday?

No. Yesterday's too far down the Twitter feed, so naturally you were just fine with letting Sony put Andrew Garfield in a suit, give you Emma Stone to look at and distribute downer Kathryn Bigelow films about current events they won't even deign to read about. Fine, but when Zero Dark Thirty gets shown in history classes while Justin Bieber's son stars in the next Spider-Man series, don't waste too much air complaining about it.