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Oscars' 9 Best Pictures Are Extras In a World of Box Office Heroes

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3. The Hunger Games
Studio: Lion's Gate Films
2012 U.S. box office take: $408 million

Oscar No. 3.Les Miserables
Studio: Universal Studios
2012 U.S. box office take: $146 million

Young adult fiction readers vs. drama kids? Jennifer Lawrence be damned, the Academy's going with the lady who can belt out I Dreamed A Dream every time.

Lawrence got her Academy Award nomination this year, but it wasn't for rushing around zones in a dystopian future firing arrows. Silver Linings Playbook snagged her a second Best Actress nomination after her 2011 nod for Winter's Bone, but Anne Hathaway's cup of coffee on screen as Fantine in Les Miz has been the Hollywood talker since roughly Christmas. It only got her a Best Supporting Actress nod, but unless Helen Hunt lobbies hard for her role as a sex surrogate in The Sessions, Hathaway looks to have this sewn up just for being in a film people actually saw.

The Hunger Games trilogy still has two films to go and plenty of times to use its narrative and Lawrence's chops to the best of its ability, but this year it seems trite compared with Andrew Lloyd Webber pushing Hugh Jackman past Wolverine in the X-Men series and into the movie musical pantheon.