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PlayStation 4, Xbox One: The Out Of Stock Epic Battle

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NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- Woe to the parent that didn't pre-order a game console for the holidays because PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are this year's Tickle Me Elmo and Cabbage Patch Doll. The must have item that isn't in stock.

Naive parent that I am, I thought that with a launch this big for Sony and Microsoft that there would be plenty of stock. Sony is launching the PlayStation 4, while Microsoft is offering the Xbox One . Boy, was I wrong. Sony sold 1 million units the first weekend and there are no more available. Not in the store, not online.

I then called GameStop to find out when it would get another shipment. The store associate said they had no information as to when they would get more or how much, and to just keep calling back. (This is feeling like trying to buy a generator during Hurricane Sandy and calling Home Depot every day.) So I call the next day. Here's where my blood starts to boil on these types of things.

GameStop says it has no more, but I can get one if I order the bundled version.

Here's how it went own:

Me: Ok, how much?

Clerk: $949.

Me: Wait, what? $949!!

Clerk (well-trained): This includes eight games, 1 year membership, and more...

Me (in parental shock, and has tuned out from hearing all the other features): They call this the "Epic" bundle. Oh it's epic alright. The clerk doesn't understand why I'm upset. I explain that the unbundled version is $399 and they are trying to sell me one that is more than $500 more.

Clerk: But it has eight games, you need new games.

Me: But these are not the games I want.

Clerk: You can exchange them.

Me: But I don't need eight games.

I make my 14 year old teenage boy buy his own games and pay for his own memberships - with his own money that he earns on his own. This is why I want the basic version. I then proceeded to wait a day, and called GameStop again. This time, I drag it out of the clerk that a shipment will be there for Black Friday. Well, isn't that special? So there is more product, but you'll make me wait until the worst shopping day to get it? Why? To generate buzz? To pump up those Black Friday numbers for shareholders? This really burns me up.

So, why am I team PS4 and not team Xbox One? We have a "classic" Xbox 360 (that means really old), but my teenaged son and all his friends have decided they are switching to PlayStation, because they are sick of Xbox live. They also don't want Kinect, it reminds them of Nintendo's Wii, which is for little kids. I have learned not to question the mind of a teenager.