NEW YORK ( MainStreet) — "I was addicted to marijuana for seventeen years," said Thomas "Hollywood" Henderson, a former star professional football player with the Dallas Cowboys. He was one of the reasons the team went to Super Bowl X. A talented player, Henderson had one problem: he was addicted to marijuana.

"I smoked marijuana every day then," he said. "But, now, I have been sober 30 years."

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Henderson now works with alcoholics and addicts to help them get rid of their habits.

But he knows he must be cautious. The craving for marijuana still exists. He is very cognizant of this.

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"When marijuana became a prescription in California I wanted to move there so I can smoke it," he said. "This is how the mind of the addict works."

Now to say this is an anathema to marijuana legalization proponents. They, after all, swear that addiction to marijuana is not possible. In fact, one proponent, Pennsylvania State Senator Daylin Leach, said that chocolate is more addictive than marijuana.

But the medical community has long believed that marijuana is addictive. It is one reason many medical and scientific organizations oppose legalization even for medicinal uses until more study can be completed. They feel the problems inherent with marijuana exceed the benefits.

Henderson acknowledged that he thinks there are other drugs more dangerous than marijuana. He believes nicotine to be the most dangerous drug in the world. There was a time when he was rather ambivalent about marijuana; he thought you "only got red eyes and the munchies." But, when someone who worked for him left to try his luck in Colorado cultivating marijuana, he changed his mind about marijuana as only being a mental dependence rather than a physical one.

"He goes up to Colorado Springs -- he drove up as far as he could into the mountains," Henderson said. "He cleared about two acres to grow marijuana. He returned to Austin and now he looks like a zombie. The marijuana has physically changed him - almost as he if smoking PCP. I saw with my own eyes what marijuana did to a person."

Henderson joined the ranks of other cynosures who have pot addictions. Lady Gaga also admitted to being addicted to marijuana. She said she spoke out to dispel the idea - and to send a message to the youth of today - that you cannot get addicted to pot.

Henderson theorized that today's marijuana is more lethal than it was before and as such is much more dangerous.

"When I smoked marijuana, the kind, we would get, like Acapulco Gold, was about 11 or 12% THC," said Henderson. "Now it's 60%. The marijuana now is like a sap. I believe we have Americans who are addicted and do not know it."