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T-Mobile Hawks iPhone, Awaits MetroPCS

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NEW YORK (TheStreet) - T-Mobile wants you to buy an Apple iPhone from them. The phone has been so good for T-Mobile's competitors -- AT&T , Sprint or Verizon -- that the German telecom wants to get in the action too. And, if their new pricing schemes aren't enticing enough, T-Mobile has announced a trade-in deal to motivate potential buyers who are on the fence.

The company is eagerly trying to complete its merger with MetroPCS , a deal that could move closer to completion with the company's shareholders meet Friday to vote on the proposed transaction. MetroPCS shares jumped 3.3% to $11.56 by Wednesday afternoon.

T-Mobile's Apple iPhones go on sale online and in their retail stores on Friday. It shouldn't come as a surprise that T-Mobile is the last of the major U.S. mobile-phone operators to get into the iPhone game. There are many reasons why they've never had them before (more on that later), but now that T-Mobile is rolling out its own 4G/LTE network, they've finally been able to make a deal with Apple.

As for T-Mobile's offering: T-Mobile is offering a special offer between now and Father's Day (June 16th). Bring your "old" iPhone 4 or 4S from any other carrier and trade-it in for their best deal on an iPhone 5 - $0 down (instead of the usual $99) plus a rebate of up to $120 to spend on T-Mobile goods and services. As you can see, T-mobile is trying to do all it can to attract iPhone users.

The iPhone 5 will be one of the first phones able to take advantage of T-Mobile's LTE network (along with the Blackberry Z10, Samsung Galaxy S IV and Galaxy Note II and a handful of others).

Will the plan be a success? If they wind-up selling more phones then before, of course, that a good thing. If they get people to switch to T-Mobile that's also good.