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The Digital Skeptic: 3 Tech Items You'll Hear About From CES 2013

Once prices drop, my gut says hybrids will be hot.

The "smarter" credit card
With all due respect to Apple bashers, Tim Cook may have had a perfectly good reason for leaving out near-field communications and e-commerce from the iPhone 5. Folks already have a excellent way to shop on the go: the credit card. And from what I am hearing, credit and debit cards are getting smarter right along with phones.

Take Pittsburgh-based Dynamics. The company struck a deal last year with MasterCard (MA) to become a certified next-gen card production vendor for the credit card giant. Its ePlate technology, for example, shows what is possible with this deal. Users can control the data held in cards, including installing multiple loyalty programs that can assigned to different purchases as needed.

Keep in mind: Third-party peripheral makers are also getting smart about injecting smart cards into modern consumers' lives. I, along with everyone else who has seen it, loves what Sunnyvale, Calif.-based CardNinja is doing with a simple credit card pouch that attaches to a smartphone, often replacing the need for a wallet. With a little bit of tech TLC, the smarter card could be as cool as the smarter phone pretty darn quick.

Sleeper CES product pick: The Dropcam
I get it. Dropcam is nothing more than an idiot-proof home monitoring camera. And at this year's CES, there will be way flashier tech innovations, including portable scanners that fit in your pocket and monitors that both bend and act like windows. But between the $149 retail price, its ease of use and the growing market around remote video devices -- no less than retail giant Lowe's (LOW) sells a much dorkier remote video system called the Iris -- I can see this being the year consumers finally see the value of being able to monitor their homes or offices . And Dropcam is just the right kind of useful gizmo in that market for folks to actually buy.

At the end of the day, that's what we are all looking for at CES.