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The Digital Skeptic: Windows 8 Brings Xbox 720 to Zero

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"It seems to me they are trying to synchronize Windows 8 across everything," he said. "I cannot tell you enough how ridiculous it is to me that they would bring this to the Xbox."

What does he think young gamers will do if that happens?
 "They will drop it," he said. "Instantly."

Forte explained that the gaming community is not like Microsoft's others customers, who are, in a sense, forced to migrate to Windows 8. There is no brand loyalty in the under-35-year-old gamer community.

"If you change even the slightest thing, and I am talking about like what kind of powers a character has, gamers revolt," Forte said.

The way Forte sees it, Microsoft's long-fought gaming dominance over Sony and Nintendo could disappear essentially instantly. He believes kids would make a point of sticking with the traditional Xbox or going to another platform rather than messing with a hard-to-use Windows 8 Xbox.

"They'll just send their new Xbox back," he said. "It could be a disaster."