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The Sad Answer to Elon Musk's Question About Tesla Model S Fires

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NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Tuesday morning on Twitter , Elon Musk asked a question:

Here's an honest answer:

And you can use these Elon Musk- and Tesla -related articles to follow along with some of what I discuss in the video.

I am ashamed to even link to this article. I made a mistake on March 9, 2013: Will Musk Get a Free Pass After His Parenting Comments.

But, I did my best to make good by the end of May 2013: When I Apologized to Elon Musk.

Every media reporter, anchor, personality and producer owes Musk an apology -- not necessarily for getting personal and messing up like I did -- but for taking a story and presenting it in ways that lack context, mislead and trigger unnecessary and unjust spectacle.

Don't hold your breath.

I believed Musk when he told me in May that he's not really comfortable or keen on being on TV everyday. I still do. But he has gotten pretty darn good at it. Out of necessity. The media effectively cornered the guy, giving him no choice but to be hyper-visible. Now they're standing with stones, sling shots and fiery pitchforks ready to tear down the larger-than-life darling they created.

--Written by Rocco Pendola in Santa Monica, Calif.