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WrestleMania 30: Day One Diary

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NEW ORLEANS ( TheStreet) -- This is a completely different kind of story than writing about Apple , Google or another tech company. World Wrestling Entertainment  , the venerable sports entertainment company started by Vince McMahon Sr. and taken over by his son Vince McMahon Jr., is hosting its biggest event, WrestleMania, in New Orleans.

What better place to host thousands upon thousands of nerdy, geeky, drunken wrestling fans than in New Orleans? Picture Bourbon Street, America's playground.

Follow along with me as I recap my trip to N'Awlins, and show you Bourbon Street, wrestling fans and all that Louisiana has to offer you.

3:30: I got to Newark Liberty airport, and immediately goofed on which airline. I'm taking US Airways via American , not American. D'oh!

3:45: I went through security in a breeze, thanks to TSA pre-check. This is the best invention ever, seriously. The heck with you Steve Jobs, and your "iPhone."

4:00: I got to my gate, only to find out my flight has been delayed a half hour. Off to go find some snacks and a plug.

4:07: I get some Combos (my favorite flying snack) and a Vitamin Water while I charge up.

4:10: I'm already bored outta mind. Let's get a half hour of free Wi-Fi. Thanks Boingo !!

4:40: After checking Twitter , the markets and my email, I'm glad I'm stuck in the airport, rather than writing and watching people "trade." Brutal day out there.

4:55: Help. Almost out of Combos. May resort to cannibalism.

4:58: Flight now scheduled to leave at 5:50, so we've moved up. Everything's coming up Milhouse!

5:11: First mullet spotting of the day. Apparently, it's 1992 in Newark Airport, 2014 everywhere else.

5:18: Just saw someone I went to high school with. Small world.

5:59: In my seat, but it's going to be at least 30 minutes before we take off. Ughhhhh. Note to self: really should spring for first class upgrade.

6:27: We've boarded, but we're just sitting here. Ugh... Remind me why I haven't asked Elon Musk for the HyperLoop yet?

7:23: Finally in the air -- and online. Woohoo!!

8:47: Landed in Charlotte. Found my gate easily.

8:56: I had an amazing western burger from Bad Daddy's Burger Bar Shakes . I think I might suffer food coma and die.

9:50: Two employees from Bad Daddy's were going at it. Get your popcorn ready....

10:22: Had to check bag because this is one of those tiny jets with the small overheads. When will we stop discriminating against normal sized bags?? It's 2014, people!!! Can you hear me!?!? AUDREY!!!

10:30: "Demons" is such a great song. Of course, I only discovered it about three months late. #heknowsthescore

10:34: The Combos did not help with the cannibalism. Seat next to me mysteriously empty.