NEW YORK ( MainStreet) — One major pitfall of homeowner's or renter's insurance is documentation — if you don't have sufficient proof that you owned what you say you did and how much it was worth, your insurance company could deny your claim.

Luckily, many online inventory tools and apps have entered the fray to help you keep track of all your belongings. Although nothing's for sure (insurance companies can fight over your claims till Kingdom Come if they really want to), thoroughly documenting your possessions will go a long way, especially if you include images of your items and supplemental info like barcodes or receipts.

We took a look at some of the top contenders:

"Know Your Stuff" Home Inventory
Who makes it: The Insurance Information Institute
The perks: You can import a preexisting inventory list into the system from an Excel file. For everything else, add items room by room, with very detailed information like purchase price, replacement cost, date and place purchased, make, model, serial number and description. For further oomph, take a photo of the item and upload a receipt.
The drawbacks: The interface is rather clunky, especially if you aim to list everything you own, down to that last pair of socks. The input form asks for a specific date, which lends itself to self-doubt ("I know I got this last May, but am I lying if I say May 18?"). Most distressingly, if you go quickly and fill out purchase prices without the replacement cost, the tool won't tally those items in your total value.
Platform: iPhone and Android

Digital Locker
Who makes it: Allstate
The perks: Friendly user interface that allows for both detailed entries and quick jots. You can enter many items in a row rather than exiting each and starting the process from scratch for the next item. Unlike "Know Your Stuff," Digital Locker lets you note that an item was a gift under "purchase method."
Tip: If you received a lot of wedding gifts, hold onto the bridal registry as documentation in lieu of a receipt.
Although this app is made by a specific insurance company, you can download the data as an Excel-compatible file to show any adjuster.
The drawbacks: When exporting your inventory from the Digital Locker, the only file option is .csv, which won't carry over any images you uploaded.
Platform: iPhone and Android

Home Gallery
Who makes it: Liberty Mutual
The perks: This app is great for diving right in. Unlike other apps we reviewed, you don't have to create a login before you start using the program. You can take photos of belongings straight from the app or import them from your smartphone's archives. Home Gallery also provides a suggested checklist for each room. You can even take a photo of the entire room at once and tag items within that photo.